Not a lot of progress lately.

I haven’t done any painting since the last posting. Life has just been too busy.

But I did have a few hours one night in the basement and grabbing knife and hot glue gun I decided to start working on my modular boards for the underground asteroid/moon colony for my figures to start fighting in.

I got this far before the glue sticks and time ran out:

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The base is a sheet of art board. I have covered it with some nylon window screening stuck down with spray glue to give some interest to the floor. Before the mesh went down I traced out a circle to make the launch bay. It was then a simple matter of cutting pieces of foam and hot glue gunning them into place, leaving a opening for the door. The foam is spray paint proof (I tested some last month) and has open cells which I think will give the idea of the walls being carved out of the rock. Beside the door there will also be rooms for security and customs. The heavy blast door itself will be made from foam core or heavy card and slotted into place.

As you can see it can accommodate a much bigger vessel than my tiny 4 seat launch.

The other news is last weekend I made introductions with Dick, a new gamer in town who holds promise of being a welcome reinforcement to my gaming circle. I had been put in contact with him over the summer via a mutual friend and then waited impatiently until he and his wife had moved. But he’s here now and unpacking boxes. On Saturday I had him over for a small game of Dragon Rampant with Mikey. Dick took the elves, and got my new light spears bloodied but not routed and Mikey took the Orcs, getting my new goblin scouts shot to bits. He and Mikey got on, and I think Dick will enjoy our more laid-back friendly style of play.

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