Soba Shop released for Sengoku 15mm Japanese range!

Now released at Alternative Armies into the excellent and unique 15mm Sengoku Japanese Fantasy range is the first code in the fifth wave. The Soba Shop sculpted by John Bell. Go HERE or read on for more. 
SGF82 Soba Shop with Peddler 
Travelling the cities and the roads the Soba Shop is carried by its owner who is always ready to dispense noodles and other food to customers high born and low. Great for historical or fantasy gaming. This pack contains four 15mm white metal parts which assembled form the Soba Shop. They are the Vendor with pole, the roof, the left shop part and the right shop part. Easy to assemble and about 35mm long when built. This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted without a base. 4.00GBP Go HERE
The Sengoku Range 
Beginning its fifth wave of expansions this 15mm scale range is sculpted by John Bell and now contains more than eighty different miniatures. Warriors, Peasants, Monsters, Creatures and much else besides. Many of these creatures are unique in 15mm scale to this range. Have a browse. Go HERE.
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