Strange Doings!

Had a nice games day with the Hotlead crew this past weekend.
The day was organised by Dave and Pete, who prefer games involving steam tech, odd characters and the supernatural. Or Star Wars. Whatever rolls your dice.

First up Patrick and I were test subjects for Pete to run through a game of Strange Aeons. 

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I was busy playing and didn’t take any pictures. My three Threshold Agents successfully defeated the party of Cultists and retrieved the 4 relics (although one turned out to be useless, an ancient recipe for hummus probably). But it was a bit touch and go as the Priestess put Harpul Singh my tough as nails Indian soldier (who took out half the cultists himself) under a spell and had him fighting with my party leader for a bit.

But nifty game. Lots of charts and pages etc. (really needs a better QRS) but an interesting campaign built right in. I could see one using it to play games with Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just have low level vampires as cultists and go heavy on the hand to hand and less shooting.

Related image
Gratuitous picture of Buffy, because well….

After we trooped over to a local bar for burgers and beverages, Dave set up his Victorian London for a seven sided game of In Her Majesties Name. I’ll let the pictures (which aren’t as good as I’m used too, I was using my phone) talk for me:

Dave’s city contains many nice details, like this public loo

View from one end of the table, the fountain can actually work if he installs a battery and adds water!

Other end

More detail, lots of these news pillars with amusing posters and ads. They’re made from thread spools with craft domes on top.

The Flashman Monument!

Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop, note the arterial spray inside the sky light

Complete with Sweeney Todd. Parties coming too close run the risk of losing a member.

The Pub. Named after Pete, who’s nom du net is „Sterling Moose“ on the Lead Adventure Forum

Rooms and stairs and details inside

Flashy again. Dave is a big fan.

More details

The objective; rescue HM the Queen. Who is apparently on the roof trying to summon the Torchwood Institute or Batman… that’s Keith in the background

Strange Foreign Johnnies wandering the streets

Sneaky Buggers/Special Branch/Dave’s Vampire Hunters
It was apparently Take Your Son to Work Day at Special Branch. The figure is named „Van Halfling“ (Dave’s Vampire Hunters are naturally lead by Van Helsing)

Big Game Hunters and Mounties

Prussians even!

The brave lads of K Division lead by the Consulting Detective and his friend the Doctor

I won the foot race to the building with HM trapped at the top. But it was a shoot out with the Big Game Hunters and the Mounties (caught between me and the hunters). But then Special Branch arrived and we had a big fight around the door, with my electro-truncheons giving me the edge in the brawl.

Brawling with Special Branch, as you do. Meanwhile the Consulting Detective is running upstairs to get the Queen.

Foreign Johnnies attack!

H Division arrives to clear the Foreign Johnnies from the square with volleys of carbine fire. Apparently still upset that they had lost the inter-Division tug of war and pie eating contest to K Division, they didn’t care that my chaps were in the way!

Timmy goes down! But not after fighting the Dragon Lady for several turns.

With two Special Branch Agents covering me from the lads of H Division, Benedict Cumberbatch the Consulting Detective helps HM make an undignified escape out a window to safety.

Silly fun, lots of laughs. Although I don’t like IHMN. I don’t like how the mechanics work and the way modifiers are applied. I actually think good old Warhammer 5th edition would work better for a game like this. But the guys like it, so I just roll the dice and keep moving.

Then it was 10 o’clock and time to hit the road with my head all done in.

All in all a fun day.

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