Strength and Honour Roman Legions

Strength and Honour Roman Legions

Legio I Adiutrix

The game of Strength and Honour at the club last week, which I had to miss due to being unwell went down very well and has led to a lot of interest in the rules. A few players are already putting together armies which gave me the incentive to review the two core armies that I have already completed, one Parthian and one Imperial Roman.

The first of these was an Imperial Roman army for Trajan’s Parthian campaigns, which was very much a core force as it only has two legions, Legio I Adiutrix and Legio XV Appolinaris. I think I now need to expand this army to include the other four legions – Legio II Traiana, Legio III Cyrenaica, Legio XII Fulminata and Legio XVI Flavia – as well as adding an Ala of cavalry or two. 

I have a legion base and blocks spare and enough cavalry blocks for at least one base, so that’s not a bad start. I could also add some skirmishers, although I think I have enough auxiliary units for the moment. This expanded army will be the one that I can use to try out the rules before I move onto the Parthian army, which may also need a bit of a boost with some additional horse archers bases.

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