Szithk Commandos and Froog Power Armour classic Tabletop return

Szithk Commandos and Froog Power Armour classic Tabletop return

We are delighted to return three more classic 1980’s science fiction miniatures to the combined Tabletop Games and Asgard Miniatures page of the website.  Our thanks to Mark Stevenson in this and joining the mighty Thulgs, the many legged Centalons and the feline Mrurz are two Szithk and a Froog.  Go HERE for all that we have brought back to the world.

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The ’new‘ codes are:

TSF3 Szithk Commando Leader on Foot

TSF5 Szithk firing Projector

TSF13 Froog in Power Armour

These are great for any game system classically or more recent.  They are larger versions of the 15mm Laserburn range codes ‚FR‘ and ‚SZ‘.

One of the finest models (in our opinion) from 1980’s science fiction is the Szithk War Bird which last year we brought back to the world giving a smile to many.  The rider upon TSF1Male Warbird with Wings is the same reptilian soldier as the new returned TSF3 so you can represent that character mounted or on foot.

The TSF60 Gorgory is a fine ally to the Szithk as both are lizard or reptile type aliens.  See the whole range HERE.

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