Teaser Tuesday – Wild West

Teaser Tuesday – Wild West

Hey folks, this week we will be starting off our re-mastering of the the Wild West range.

In todays teaser Tuesday, we will be teasing 2 out of the 3 brand new Wild West kits. This will be the start of a whole new range “Pitchstone”.

Pitchstone Church

Here we have the Pitchstone Church, it features a removable spire as well as a removable roof. This allows for interior skirmishes to break out within the church. Along side this the has plenty of windows giving many vantage points to shoot from.

Pitchstone Saloon

Next up we have the Pitchstone Saloon. This kit features 2 playable buildings both of which have removable roofs, allowing for interior playing. As well as this both kits host slightly angled roofs which are flat. and have been play tested to allow models to stand on the roofs without them sliding off. Thus adding another level of playability to the kit.

That’s it for this weeks teaser, we have 1 more large kit coming your way on Friday, so stay tuned for that. Until then you can check out the rest of our Wild West range on the TTCombat Webstore. This is currently on a Last Chance to buy, so if anything takes your fancy get it before it’s gone.


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