The Pikemans Lament at the Swedish Armymuseum

This sunday I was invited to the Swedish Armymuseum and their Wargaming exebition to run some demogames of the Pikemans Lament. I got great help from my club mateys Andy and Ulf to run the 3 games we managed to play during the day.

The setting for the games was the Scanian War 1675-1679 fought between Sweden and Denmark, primary in the region Scanian in south of Sweden.

I had made a 3 side scenario with 5 companies in total; 2 companies of Danes and Scanian Rebells (Snapphanar) that was on a mission to raid a farm for supplies, there was 2 companies of Swedes that had as a mission to burn the farm and a 3rd side with a „companie“ of Scanian Allmoge that wanted to defend their homes agains both the Swedes and the Danes. We had some really caotic, fun and entertaining games indeed.

The terrain used are a part of the exebition, and the houses are perry medieval ones that yours truly built and painted for the exebition.

Below a bunch of pictures from the day. Thanks to all that came and had a look and participated in the games.

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