12 Days of Christmas: Warpath & Firefight

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas blogs so far. As we thunder into 2019, we’ve still got a few more blogs planned over the next few days. Today we’ve got something for all our sci-fi fans, as we’re looking at what’s coming up for Warpath/Firefight.

Firstly though, we’ll be starting work on an updated FAQ/errata for both Warpath and Firefight. The aim of this will be to clear up any community questions and also address any balancing issues that have cropped up since Warpath’s retail release in 2017. We’ll also be covering the game more on the blog and on our upcoming weekly live streams throughout the year too – so stay tuned for that.


2019 will see the launch of the Plague army sets for Warpath/Firefight. The Plague is the scourge of humanity – able to bring entire planets to their knees. This terrifying, mysterious disease infects its host, changing it into a bloodthirsty beast. Some are turned into horrific mutants, while others become warped versions of their former self. They still have some semblance of their former intelligence, which drives them to achieve one purpose: leave the host planet and infect more unwitting victims.

Seeing a Plague army up close is an awful sight to behold. From the towering Stage 1As, to the mindless zombies, a Plague force will overwhelm its enemy with sheer numbers. They’re also able to use some GCPS tech, although it too is warped by the Plague’s terrible influence. As a result, the howling hordes of infantry are often accompanied by Hornets and Mules that are adorned in the twisted ‘decorations’ of the Plague.

The Plague Mega Force and Starter Forces will be released in March. Then in April we’ll be releasing the Reserve Force and the separate vehicles. This brings the total number of factions available in Warpath/Firefight to six (Asterians, Enforcers, Forge Fathers, GCPS, Plague and Veer-myn).


However, that’s not the only exciting news we’ve got to share for Firefight fans. Today, we’re releasing an alpha army list for the Nameless! Introduced as a Deadzone faction in the Outbreak supplement before taking a starring role in the Battle for Starfall campaign, the Nameless are now making their way into Firefight – thanks to the hard work of the Warpath/Firefight Rules Committee.

Previously thought to be a benign and peaceful race by the GCPS, many are starting to change their minds about the intentions of the so-called Nameless. Occasional raids on outposts and lone starships were written off as pirate activity, however it is now becoming increasingly clear that the seemingly gentle Nameless have hostile intentions.

Through makeshift translation, information has emerged detailing that back on the Nameless homeworlds a religious rift is splitting the species apart. The vast majority of the Nameless live as members of the sects that dominate their worlds. Historically, the Federation of these groups has largely seen humanity and the rise of the GCPS with total indifference… but that has begun to change.

A particularly vicious group – known as the Ul-Ug’urub – has come to the conclusion that the GCPS is vulnerable and ripe for conquest. To the Ul-Ug, the GCPS is like the near-dead mass of a stellar whale. It is a floating feast, one that struggles feebly against the galactic tide, knowing that it will, eventually, inevitably, succumb to a circling predator. Many are already nibbling at its corpse. There is blood in the water, according to the Ul-Ug, and they have begun a movement to devour it.

This campaign to destroy the GCPS began after the Ul-Ug arrived on Starfall. Although they didn’t succeed in taking over the planet, their successes were enough to inspire other sects to join their cause. With their numbers swelling, the Ul-Ug are able to deploy a larger force. Lumbering Bathomites march alongside the skittering Scuttlers, while the awesome Goliath swats enemies with its mighty tentacles. Can anything stop the Nameless advance?

You can download the alpha list here. The RC is interested in hearing feedback from the Warpath community, so make sure you join the Firefight Fanatics group on Facebook. Now’s the perfect time to start your Nameless force too. Use the code NEWYEARNEWARMY on the Mantic website to get 20% off the Faction Starter and Minion Booster. Also, if you’ve never tried Firefight, you can download the rules for FREE here.

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