<div>AHPC 13 - Almansa 1707 English Killigrew's Brigade</div>

AHPC 13 – Almansa 1707 English Killigrew’s Brigade

There were French and Spanish Dragoons in the last post, for this one its more Dragoons, but this time we’ve swapped sides.

This small English Brigade was led by General Killigrew, the brigade fought in the 1st line of the Left Wing under General Tyrawley.

In this all red brigade were the 2 squadrons of Pearce’s Dragoons, 2 squadrons of Peterbough’s Dragoons and 1 squadron of Killigrew’s Dragoons.

All the flags are speculative and made by my own fair hand and are from my NYW collection.
Points……2.5 points per base
making a total of 12.5 points
and 1/2 point for the Brigadier
Making a total of 13 points.


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