Jacobite Square Dancing

Jacobite Square Dancing

Tim from Sheffield came to visit. As he is of the Scottish persuasion it seemed a good idea to try the WSS square based iteration of the rules with the Jacobites. So I set up a quick game of Prestonpans.

Jacobite Square Dancing
As befits the clan army (I forgot what units were lowlanders for this game – I did about 3 minutes research, which was mostly spent finding a book with a map in it) Tim set off quickly…but not all along the line.

I fired with my artillery, and my flank guards loosed off a volley at long range, to try to disrupt the attack.

The Kilties fired their traditional volley on the charge. The fearsome sight intimidated my entire line. Not good news. I did succeed in getting my cavalry to counter charge. For all the good it will do.
Oh dear. Everything is going backwards. Except those flank guards. They held their ground.

In fact, apart from the flank guards, this wing has collapsed completely, despite Johnny Cope intervening personally.

The charge goes in on my right, again devastatingly effective. On the right Johnny Cope is still on his horse, but it is touch and go. The flank guards now have the bit between their teeth, and are driving their now chastened highland foes backwards. However, my army has half the units in flight, so that’s game over. It all took about an hour, including chat and teaching the rules. Slightly longer than the actual battle, but not ridiculously so.
First try out with these chaps since I did the major surgery and put the game on squares. The revised intimidation rules are a bit lethal so I may have to look at them a in a bit, but generally pleased.

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