Lion/Dragon Rampant Tournament Game Day at Gig Harbor

Just got back from playing three games of Lion Rampant at a tournament hosted by Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer). As mentioned in the previous post this was a cleverly designed format with five total games, the first two being Lion Rampant, the third being the players‘ choice of either Lion or Dragon Rampant, and the final two being Dragon Rampant. This allowed the player to have three (or five) total games to count for the results. I chose to stick with Lion Rampant for the first three games as I knew I would not be playing the last two games of Dragon Rampant. I ended up tied for second place with my first two games being ties and winning my third game – each game having 2 Glory points. I used the Boast of killing more using my bows than with spears. Not too difficult as four of my five units were bow armed. I left after the third game and the remaining folks are probably finishing up their last game about now. As usual, I took a lot of pictures, but over half of them were too blurry.

Bruce M.’s „Ever Victorious“ Samurai retinue. For the record, Bruce is the owner/proprietor of Company B.
From my first game against David S.’s (I Live with Cats) El Cid retinue. My unit of archers stupidly failing to take the high ground before David’s cavalry got into Attack range.
I managed to get my archers on top of the hill to accept the Attack so I could at least get a +1 to my Armour in the first round. Would’ve been smarter to have fired on the cavalry prior to their Attack though.
My Ferocious Foot monks taking on some Spanish foot.
My second game against Bryan S.’s all-cavalry unit – most with missiles.
A Dragon Rampant game in the third round.
My third and last game against Scott A.’s 13th C. retinue of two Mounted MAA units, two Foot Serjeants and one unit of Crossbows. I luckily was able to kill off half of his retinue for the win.
Most of the standings at the end of game three. The scoring was calculated by wins/losses/ties and the amount of Glory points achieved (or lost). As you can see, Bruce not only won all three of his Lion Rampant games, but also won an incredible amount of Glory points.
Another Dragon Rampant game during the third round with Bryan S.’s Penguin warband.
Yet another third round Dragon Rampant game. Although I did want to use my recently painted Oni in a Dragon Rampant game, I didn’t want to stay for the last two games. Maybe they’ll get on the table in the near future.

Well it was another great event with a good bunch of gamer buds using a fun set of rules. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to all.

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