Our Armored Legatus and Hellspawn Legatus, for Minuteman MIniatures!

Hey all!
Thought I would share our latest miniatures for Minuteman Miniatures… our Sci Fi line!
Our Sci Fi line consists of three figures.  First up are our Armored Legatus and our Hellspawn Legatus!
Now, these two figures are with blank heads; obviously, we put your head on them!
Here is a back view.

And the Hellspawn Legatus…

What a brute, right?

Oh, and here is our Space Ronin with most of his hands… two katanas, two solar blades, two guns, and a hand.  We actually added a fist for the right hand, and a staff as well… oh, and a FEMALE Space Ronin!
Want these figures?!  Come to NJCon, where we will be releasing them, and then in the next week or two we will start taking orders for them for real… OH, and ALSO for our Dark Ages line!

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