Skirmishing Guard Chasseurs a Pied – Victrix

Another small unit of skirmishers for Black Powder. These were left-over figures from the Middle Guard set painted up a while back. The set comes with grendadier and chasseur bearskin head sprues, as well as the shako heads.

Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue works well for the base coat of the clothing. Varying amounts of white added to the blue are used for the highlighting.

The Guard greatcoats were generally of higher quality than those of the line; including piping around the collars and cuffs. They have an elegant look which rivals full-dress, IMO.

There should now be enough units of foot skirmishers for a cavalry-centric game.

Up next, well after I do some home-owner repairs, will be the Perry cavalry – Scots Greys and French Lancers. Until then, wishing you all the very best during the holiday season!

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