Stone Cold Lead paints the classic Asgard D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut

Stone Cold Lead paints the classic Asgard D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut

It is my pleasure to present the master grade brush work of Simon over at Stone Cold Lead Figure Painting. You can find him on Facebook and Instragram and he is for hire if you wish to contact and ask his availability. He recently painted up the mighty restored 1982 classic in metal D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut. Here we give you the resultant lovely pictures which on our blog if you click on them they will become much larger. 
The Juggernaut supplied in metal in two pieces (body and tail) standing 50mm tall and 110mm total length. Also supplied a third piece a Great Sword which can be left off or indeed put in the hand. Great for any scale. Sculpted by Nick Bibby. 

Above is a picture for scale next to one of our 28mm Crystal Elves. As you can see it is a big metal model (the largest single piece casting we made currently) and this Pike Elf will have some problems! 
Alternative Armies in 2023 is currently well underway in restoring Asgard’s classic 1980’s fantasy ranges. We have already done most of the science fiction and are currently in the FM series of fantasy monsters and creatures. We have also sectioned off Nick Bibby sculpts due to request and there is the mighty Dragon too. Here is a list of the ranges on the website. 

Until 8th May 2023 our Spring Mega Event is on at Alternative Armies. See our BLOG for full details or visit the WEBSITE and have a browse. 20% off all orders automatically (no code needed) at checkout, 20 new releases, 100 deals and offers and a free model in every package shipped. Superb! 
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