Sunday morning ramblings…

As promised a quick shot of Trent Miniatures and Foundry mixed together not a bad mix in terms of height and scale. A mentioned before the Foundry sculpts are a little on the repetitive side but mixed together they look fine.
With 30+ Maroons now complete I need to start thinking about how to represent them within Sharp Practice, it’s a toss up between Militia if I look at the later period of the war or perhaps Clan if the hills and depending on who they are fighting.

It looks like I may have to spend a few hours moving the photo’s from Photbucket back to the hard drive… having been greeted with this message recently. I don’t really want to be parting with $399 just for the link. Sorry fella’s I won’t be blackmailed into parting with that kind of money, good job it was only the postings from 2011 effected.


Tonight sees a return to the ACW and „Milam County Grays“, 5th Texas Infantry. These chaps have not had an outing since Terrible Sharp Sword, it will be interesting to see how they stand up to the Federals within Sharp Practice 2 – No pressure but they have yet to win a game —- Yet….

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