[Tutrorial] Macedonian Phalanx Part 2

So let’s continue with Step number

7. Which is the highlight of the leather armour, made with Vallejo MC 70.951 White. I used a mix of accurate painting and drybrush as my coulour dries quite fast.

8. Now highlighting the red with Vallejo 70.957 Flat Red and the gold/brass with the original Old Gold.

9. After that, we get started with the flesh – I am using as middle tone the Andrea Colour AC-52, which I like espacially for ist verry dull result.

10. The second flesh I am using is Foundrys 127C from the expert flesh set. 

11. So what is there still to do? Painting the back of the shields in Vallejo 70.872 Choclate Brown and highlighting the green – to do this I mix the green basecoat, Vallejo MC 70.980 Black Green with approx. 1/4 of Vallejo GC 72.034 Bonewhite. This creates a nice and warm lighter green.

12. Last, but not least the decals are set to place. THose are supplied by Little Big Men Studios. To give them a proper fit I cut once untill nearly the middle of the decal – by this way the better match the slightly parabole sheilds.

To keep them im place a layer of Vallejo 70.520 Matt Varnish is applied, too.

13. And to make the result complete, I paint the white on the shields – not highlighting the red. This gives the shields a more „freehand“ appearance.

Voilà! Now only the basing and their pike has to be done – I think that’s going to happen tomorrow.

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