War of the Roses Lion Rampant Game

Lancastrian forces deployed near the bridge
View of the table with both sides deployed
Yorkist attackers

Yorkists advance towards the bridge
Lancastrian billmen and longbowmen advance

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the club for a War of the Roses Lion Rampant Game. We had identical 24 point foot forces and the objective in the scenario was to secure and hold the bridge. I commanded the Yorkist forces – the attackers in the game, and Rick had the Lancastrian defenders. The Yorkist men-at-arms and serjeants advanced enthusiastically onto the bridge while their longbowmen showed little enthusiasm for movement or action of any kind.

The Lancastrian longbowmen and billmen were forced to retreat battered from combat but the Yorkists suffered heavy casualties themselves. The Lancastrian longbowmen were able to rally and then inflicted withering fire on the Yorkist men-at-arms and serjeants which led to both units routing. The game finished with an archery duel between the longbowmen which the Yorkists lost. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

Yorkists cross the bridge

Yorkist men-at-arms attack Lancastrian longbowmen
Lancastrian billmen and longbowmen are battered and retreating
Yorkists become battered and retreat
Yorkists lose the archery duel

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