What a Tanker! Soviet Starters

The weather is great today, so most of it has been spent out and about, leaving me with little time to get started on the What a Tanker! weekend project, let alone the Desert Spitfires planes. I have assembled three kits, however, an IS-2 and ISU-152 from Italeri and a single Sherman 76mm by Armourfast. I have three more tanks to glue together tomorrow, once I’ve pressure washed the patio for my sins, to make up a small Soviet tank force for Winter 1944-45.

I did have some Armourfast T34/85’s but they are the old version which are really crude, so I’ve left them in the loft. I will definitely get some new T34’s though, as you can’t have a Russian tank unit without them! I’ll slap some paint and an ink wash onto the basecoat tomorrow, so they should start looking a bit more like proper tanks, with the winter snow whitewash camouflage to follow. I’m not going to spend more time than I need doing this, as I really should be focussed on the Wings at War project.

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